The following links are useful resources for exploring education abroad experiences with a student perspective. Familiarize yourself with general information and write down questions you have so you will be ready to ask questions when you meet with academic, financial aid, and study abroad advisors.


Budgeting is an important part of preparing for a study abroad experience. Programs vary in cost depending on location, length of time, and credit amounts. Estimated program costs and additional fees are provided in a budget sheet for each program in ISUAbroad. These are broken down into billable (ISU U-bill) and non-billable (Out-of-pocket) amounts. These budge sheets provide an overview how much it will cost to participate on an LAS Study Abroad Program. The Office of Student Financial Aid also uses these budget sheets to assist with adjusting financial aid packages (if applicable). The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences also offers scholarships to help offset the cost of a study abroad experience.

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