$750 LAS Summer Global Seminar Award

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences will award tuition credit via financial aid to every student who participates in an LAS Global Seminar. The LAS Global Seminars for summer (must be taught by LAS faculty during the summer term AND for ISU credit, not transfer credit) and their corresponding courses are:

  1. Communication, Identity and Culture: Exploring the Quebecois Culture of Canada – Racheal Ruble (tentatively May 18 – May 31, 2020) – COM ST 310 (3 credits)
  2. Education and Environmental Sustainability: Community Engagement in Dominican Republic – Megan Myers and Chris Myers (May/June 2020) – INTST 395B (3 credits)
  3. Cathedrals of France (Paris area) – Jean-Pierre Taoutel (June 2020) – INTST 395B (3 credits)
  4. Global Leadership Study Abroad: Sweden – Tentative (May/June 2020) – LD ST 370 or 333 (3 credits; may have 6 credit option)
  5. ISU Global Internships and Language: Summer in Cuenca, Ecuador – (May/June 2020) – WLC/LAS 499 and transfer credit for Spanish (3 ISU credits; 3 transfer credits for 6 total)
  6. London, Literature, and Theater – Charissa Menefee and K L Cook (June – July) – tentative – ENGL 395/595 (3 credits)
  7. Roman Italy: Building the Empire – David Hollander and Rachel Meyers (tentatively May/June 2021) – CL ST 385 (3 credits)
  8. Summer Tropical Forest and Coral Reef Experience: Belize – Corinna Most and Andrew Somerville (May 2020) – BIOL 394 (3 credits)
  9. Trieste and the Meaning of Place: Italy – Christiana Langenberg and Mike Goebel (May 13 – June 10, 2020) – INTST 395 (3 credits)
  10. Storytelling in Western Ukraine – Dennis Chamberlin (tentatively May/June 2021) – JL MC 390 (3 credits)

Each participant, regardless of college major, will receive a scholarship for registration in a summer course taught by an LAS professor/instructor at the following levels:

                        3 credit course awards $750 automatic tuition award 

This is a great time to meet that general education or international perspectives requirement, or take a class abroad if you can’t afford the time or money to study abroad for a semester! Additional scholarships for study abroad are also available from each college, so multiple scholarships may be awarded. No application is required for the $750 LAS Global Seminar awards. Please apply for your chosen program at http://isuabroad.iastate.edu by searching by location and “Summer” as Term.

For LAS primary or secondary majors, one scholarship application provides consideration for any of the various LAS study abroad scholarships for which a student is eligible. (These are in addition to the automatic award for ISU tuition.)

Questions? Contact Mary Ullestad-Heneke at maryuh@iastate.edu; 515-294-4841.