Cathedrals of France: History, Art, and Spirituality in Medieval France

June 30 – July 21, 21, 2023

Live in Paris, discover the major cathedrals – UNESCO’s World Heritage sites – of France, visit five fascinating French regions, and explore the French lifestyle beyond the cliché.

Program Features

  • Discover the most beautiful cathedrals of France (Paris, Chartres, Amiens, Rouen, Reims) and examine the magnificence of their architecture, spirituality, and aesthetic ideals.
  • Enhance your knowledge about the building of cathedrals and their importance in history, art, literature, and culture in France and across Europe.
  • Examine the rich cultural and spiritual history of French cathedrals and the essence of religious beliefs in Medieval France.
  • Learn about the history of France through the cultural artifacts of art and architecture.
  • Explore one topic in depth for a final project.
  • Get inspired! Throughout history, cathedrals have been a source of inspiration for artists and provided a focus for reflection for every visitor. Why not you?

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Deadline to apply: March 25, 2022