Help and Resources

The following pages are useful resources for exploring  and preparing for education abroad experiences. Familiarize yourself with general information and write down questions you have so you will be ready to ask questions when you meet with academic, financial aid, and study abroad advisors.

Budgeting and Money Management

It is important to know your budget and understand program costs in order to select a program that financially will work best for you. The LAS Study Abroad website and ISUAbroad have resources to start exploring financial aid and scholarship opportunities as well as how to manage finances while abroad. Program brochures in ISUAbroad will also break down program costs and how programs will be billed.

Health and Safety

Your health and safety abroad is of upmost importance. Students pursing international experiences will be enrolled in international insurance for the duration of their stay abroad. Health and safety is an important topic covered during your pre-departure orientation, but we encourage all students to take responsibility for their own health and safety before traveling and while abroad.

Preparing to Travel

As part of your preparation, you will be required to participate in pre-departure orientation sessions. Students should understand the requirements to travel abroad and what to expect upon arrival. LAS Study Abroad has also put together packing and travel resources to use as a guide.

Support While Abroad

LAS Study Abroad supports students through the entire study abroad cycle. You may experience navigating a new culture for the first time or feelings of culture shock early in your program. LAS Study Abroad has gathered some information and resources to assist students with navigating their study abroad experience.

Returning to Campus

Your study abroad experience doesn’t have to end when you return to campus. Opportunities are available to continue engaging in international activities on campus or to get involved with the LAS Study Abroad office. Upon return to Iowa State, you may also have questions about your transfer credit or need guidance processing and reflecting on your international experience.