Program cost is a factor that all students need to consider when researching study abroad programs. Costs vary by program location, type, and length. Also what is included in a program can vary. Estimated program costs are outlined on program brochure pages in ISUAbroad. These budget sheets serve as a resource to add up all the anticipated expenses for a program. Typical expenses include a program fee and/or tuition and fees, airfare, room and board, books and supplies, personal spending money, and others.

Most financial aid (including scholarships, grants, and loans) can be applied towards study abroad programs. Students are encouraged to meet with a Financial Aid advisor in the Office of Student Financial Aid to discuss their options.  Students with a primary or secondary major in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences are eligible to apply for LAS Study Abroad Scholarships. Study abroad scholarships are also available through the greater Iowa State community as well as nationally.

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences also offers passport reimbursement for LAS students applying for a passport for the first time.

Scholarships and Awards

Financial Aid

In many cases, your Financial Aid package can apply towards a study abroad program in addition to scholarships. To determine which types of aid you’ll be able to apply towards your study abroad program, contact the ISU Office of Student Financial Aid 


In late April, students who have a FAFSA on file for the previous academic year and fill out the Summer Aid Application on AccessPlus will have aid packaged for their study abroad program based on cost of program and the class list. 

Summer aid is primarily comprised of student loans. Federal Direct Loans will be awarded first, followed by Federal PLUS and/or private loan eligibility. An email will be sent to each student after aid has been packaged for summer and applications will need to be completed to receive the Federal PLUS and/or private loans. 

For more information, email 

Fall, Spring, and academic year

All aid awarded for the regular semester at ISU can be used for study abroad with the exception of Work-Study. National Merit Scholars, Science Bound, George Washington Carver, and Multicultural Vision Program recipients who receive a tuition award may receive their award up to the value of tuition at Iowa State for the semester, but cannot exceed their tuition charge for the study abroad program. For questions regarding these awards, please e-mail 

Students who already have a FAFSA on file for the current academic year, will have their financial aid automatically adjusted based on the class list and program cost provided by the program coordinator.  An appointment is not necessary for this adjustment to be made. 

Program costs include: 

  • Round-trip Transportation 
  • Program fee, if applicable 
  • Tuition and Fees 
  • Room and Board 
  • Books and Supplies 
  • Insurance 
  • Incidentals 
  • Student I.D. Card 
  • Visa and Mailing Cost 
  • Passport and Mailing Cost 
  • Inoculations 

Study abroad programs with a total budget that is greater than the cost of attendance of Iowa State University will have loan eligibility increased to meet this new budget for that semester. Likewise programs with lower a cost of attendance will have aid reduced. 

Financial aid for fall programs will be adjusted in mid-June; aid for spring programs will be adjusted in mid-November. An email will be sent to each student after aid has been adjusted. Students will be directed to AccessPlus to view increased loan eligibility and an application will need to be completed to receive the additional loan amount.