Frequently Asked Questions

Can I graduate on time?

Yes – with planning, you may take coursework abroad to fulfill degree program requirements. It is important to plan ahead and meet with academic and study abroad advisors to see how a study abroad program fits into your degree plan.

Will my courses transfer back to Iowa State?

For programs that earn transfer credit, syllabi can be requested from host institutions before traveling to assist in the course review process with your academic advisor. When transcripts are sent to Iowa State after your are abroad, your academic advisor can help ensure those courses fit into your degree audit. Note: not all programs are for transfer credit. LAS Study Abroad has a portfolio of faculty-led programs where students earn ISU credit.

Which courses can I take abroad?

Course offerings vary by program. Courses can be taken to fulfill general education, major, or minor requirements. Language courses and elective courses are also available.

Do I need to know a language?

Most study abroad programs do not require knowledge of another language. For those who want to learn or further develop skills in another language, there are a number of language programs available through the Department of World Languages and Cultures and LAS Study Abroad.

Do I have to be a LAS major to study on a LAS Study Abroad program?

No, most LAS-administered programs are open to all students regardless of major or college affiliation at Iowa State.

How much will study abroad cost?

The cost of study abroad varies widely depending on the type of program (i.e. exchange program, affiliate program, flat fee, etc.) as well as location and length of study. Budget sheets are available for each program on ISUAbroad.

Can my financial aid be used for study abroad?

It depends. Most scholarships can be used as long as you are earning credit and making progress toward your degree. You may be eligible for loans to help cover study abroad expenses if you max out on scholarships. If in doubt, check with whomever provides your scholarship. Also email if you have specific questions about your aid package.

Do my current scholarships still apply?

It is best to contact your scholarship provider to determine eligibility. Most scholarships awarded do apply to study abroad. Contact the Office of Student Financial Aid with any specific questions regarding your individual scholarship package.

When can I study abroad?

Students may study abroad at any point during their time at Iowa State. It is important for you to communicate closely with your academic advisor to determine when it fits best in your program of study.

Can I study abroad as a senior?

Yes. You will need to contact your academic advisor to waive the last-32 credit requirement (as stated on your degree audit). Each department handles this differently.

How many times can I study abroad?

There is no limit on study abroad at Iowa State. Earning credit for coursework abroad is key to staying on schedule for graduation. It is common for first-time travelers to participate in a short term study abroad program, but we have had students study abroad as many as 5 or 6 times in a mixture of short- and long-term programs. Anything from a week to an entire academic year.

Am I eligible for LAS study abroad scholarships & LAS passport award if I have an LAS minor?

Only LAS majors are eligible for LAS scholarships and passport award. Check with your college for more scholarship information.

I don’t see a program in the country/region that interests me sponsored by the LAS college: can I still study abroad there?

We have hundreds of study abroad programs open to Iowa State students, administered by a number of offices on campus, covering the globe. Click here for all campus contacts.

If you are not finding a program that suits your needs, make an appointment with one of our study abroad advisors or go to the Study Abroad Center and talk with a peer advisor. You may be able to direct enroll in a university abroad (as long as ISU will accept credit from that institution). A study abroad advisor can help you find that out.

May I study abroad if I am an international student?

Yes. You need to work carefully with your International Student advisor in ISSO to make sure your visa status is not adversely affected. We also recommend that you study abroad in a country different from your home country.

Will I need to get a visa?

Your study abroad advisor will be able to tell you whether or not you will need a visa for your program, based on your nationality and/or length of stay.

How can I intern abroad?

Internships are available on a number of programs. There are also other options available outside of Iowa State programs. Contact a study abroad advisor or LAS Career Services for more information.