In the Summer term, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences will award an automatic tuition credit of $750 via financial aid to every LAS student (primary or secondary major) who participates in an LAS Global Seminar.

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences offers a variety of scholarships to students wishing to study abroad. Use the table below to find applicable scholarships.

Awards can be between $500-$2,500. To qualify, include in your essay how you expect your study abroad, service-learning, or research abroad to impact your academic and/or professional career. Eligibility requirements include (1) Second semester freshman standing (or above) by the program start date, with a declared major in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and (2) Cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above (may apply as long as in good academic standing; not on probation or academic warning); 2.5 or higher GPA to be considered for merit-based awards.

For: Apply For:
• Any students with primary and secondary majors in LAS LAS Study Abroad Scholarships
• Any student with a major or minor in World Languages and Cultures WLC Scholarships
• Any student with an International Studies major or minor International Studies Scholarships
• Students from any major or college Study Abroad Scholarships at Iowa State
• Additional scholarship opportunities More Study Abroad Scholarships

For questions regarding LAS Study Abroad scholarships, please contact LAS Study Abroad at