Lodging receipt (more than one occupant)

Please provide the name of the other occupant(s) and their relationship with Iowa State University. If the other individuals were family members, please note on the reimbursement and whether an additional charge was incurred. If an additional amount was incurred, that amount must be deducted from the amount claimed. If there was not an additional expense for the other individuals, please note this on the reimbursement.

Proof of payment issues

The information provided (e.g., hotel receipt, registration receipts, etc.) must show that the individual requesting the reimbursement incurred the expense as well as what was purchased. If the individual who is requesting reimbursement is not listed on the paid receipt (e.g., lodging receipt, registration receipt, etc.), they must provide proof of payment for the expense.

Acceptable examples to prove payment include, but are not limited to, a paid receipt with the payee’s name listed, copy of a cancelled check, or copy of a credit card statement with all information blackened but the charge and the person requesting reimbursement’s name.

Group meal receipt – meal itemization not provided

All group meals require an itemized receipt. If an itemized receipt is not available, the payee is required to complete a Certificate of Missing Receipt.

Lodging receipt (receipt is not itemized)

An itemized hotel receipt is required regardless of the dollar amount.

Merchandise receipt (only charge receipt is provided)

An itemized receipt is required for such items on both Travel and Non-travel reimbursements regardless of the amount. A credit card charge slip is not sufficient documentation.

Adapted from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Study Abroad website